v/a – Vortex [NTT050]

With a strong focus on unique electronic sounddesign and structures, v/a – Vortex has turned into a solid collection of next level sonic wizardry.
All of the artists involved have dedicated an extremely respectable amount of time and effort to sculpt their submission until it was perfect.
Could it be possible that 1 reason for this has to do with the fact that v/a – Vortex was a compilation that simply needed to be made?

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* 01 – Hecq – Continuum
* 02 – Zoogoo, Chlorophyll Fluxbunny, Otets Dekan – Neural Ensemble
* 03 – CCP – Owak Erg
* 04 – Barbarix – Masicular
* 05 – Sytrjv – Exacud
* 06 – Subskan – Aezphia Vortex
* 07 – La Peste – Being Palm Eldritch
* 08 – Atomhead – Vortex
* 09 – Atomhead – Robotomy
* 10 – Sedarka – Ishimori
* 11 – Binray – Beta Block
* 12 – Xanopticon – Ortexx
* 13 – Inshizzo – Head of Atoms
* 14 – Bogdan Dullsky – Rift Fractal
* 15 – Atomhead – Rift

Let’s do a quick rundown to get to know these wonderful artists:Hecq, German sounddesign professional with an admirable discography on labels such as Hymen, Bnkcrsh, …
Otets Dekan, Zoogoo and brother Chlorophyll Fluxbunny, who collaborated intensely on their morphing re-assimilation monster, and who should be known from previous NTT releases.
CCP, aka Yann Hekate of the Italian “Hekate Soundsystem”, in charge of Anarmonia and related promising labels and responsible for a completely alien glitchmorph fest.
Barbarix, a rising UK artist who could previously be heard on BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs radio show, and who’s also preparing the next Entity release.
Sytrjv, another relatively unknown though very talented knobtweaker from Rome, delivering a complex onslaught of dark experimental rhythms.
Subskan, whose dark, mindcrashing electronics can assimilate any A.I. mutant from a distance, and who created some seriously awesome releases on respected labels such as Belgium’s own Ambivalence Records and Mirex.
La Peste, head of the French Hangars Liquides label, coined the musical term “flashcore” and operates in his own personal sounddimension.
SDK, aka Sedarka, who will one day be like Kazumoto Endo, except better, as his Entity release so charmingly demonstrates.
Binray, who’s merciless track got lifted from the cancelled Phalanx project “Hyperion”, and who also brought you a mesmerizing free release in the past, as well as on labels such as ZOD and Ad Noiseam.
Xanopticon, micro tweaker deluxe, especially known for his insane livesets and ultra-detailed Liminal Space album on Hymen.
Inshizzo, a psytrance vs breakcore duo who rock the Moscow underground partyscene and run the Acidsamovar label, bringing us a speedcore influenced track.
Bogdan Dullsky, aka Quest.Room.Project, a sound project exploring the strange and the bizarre by superimposing the impossible, as with his outworldly Entity release “Room Number”.
Atomhead, aka yours truly!

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  1. quarterbit

    An amazing release!

  2. Very ecxellent track by “La peste” really Flashcore.

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